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tv   ABC2 News Good Morning Maryland 6am  ABC  July 15, 2009 6:00am-6:30am EDT

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>> unbelievable. i don't know anybody who is complaining. >> feels like -- >> not bad. >> gelati out there. the middle of the month which is typically when we expect the warmest temperatures of the year. now we're down to 53 degrees at north harford middle school in pylesville. we have harford county loaded up, the spread from the low 50s to right by the bay. havre de grace 63 degrees. compare that to now downtown 69, clear skies. we've had clouds overnight and that little band of cloudiness just held the temperatures in at the airport notice it broke up in the last two hours, that may allow our temperatures to drop. last hour 60. we're waiting for the 6:00 update. that comes any moment. 57 degrees the record low back in 1999. we'll be very close. sunshine gives way to a partly cloudy afternoon with the two-degree guarantee of 87. kim? if you're making your way from harford county via 95 southbound, no problems at this time as you approach the
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695/895 split. however, in the city we're still working that crash, east fairmount at north linwood. police officers are letting drivers getting through but the crash remains on the scene at this time. lombard street, expect major delays between president and mlk because of a road resurfacing project, that is a longterm project as well. this is going to be the beltway at the bw parkway. you can see both loops of 695 are traveling incident-free at this time. back to you. 6:01. breaking news overseas. a passenger plane crashed in northwest iran and 168 people on board this plane are believed dead. emergency services spokesman says that the plane's wreckage was all in flames and it's likely anyone -- unlikely anyone survived. the plane from iran's caspian airline was going from the tehran to the capital of armenia when it went down in a city. stay tuned to us and for all the latest details today. as if driving downtown
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wasn't enough of a headache for you - >> now a new construction project could make your commute even worse. sherrie johnson live downtown with more details. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. yes, if you normally travel downtown during your morning commute, preferably on lombard street you might want a different route. today kicks off the lombard street improvement project and crews already blocked off several lanes to start working on it. the improvements were scheduled to begin in early spring with -- but it was delayed because of a massive watermain break. since then most of the infrastructure repairs have been completed, now crews can start the next phase and today they will work on improvements like milling, resurfacing and sidewalk repairs. the project that transportation officials expect to keep at least three lanes of traffic open between light and president street. they will have parking restrictions and extended work hours that will be used to help reduce some of the congestion. right now it seems things are
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smooth here, not too many problems to report now but later on today you want to be patient because there could be more delays. this project is expected to be completed in late fall. reporting live in downtown baltimore, sherrie johnson, abc2 news. you heard banging last night? imagine waking up, going outside your door and find out your property has been hit. that is the reality for several people this morning in one northwest baltimore neighborhood. our pete "on the street" o'neal was there. people on bealer avenue say they heard banging on the front door at 2:00 this morning. they came out and allegedly saw a 17-year-old neighbor damaging cars and mailboxes. police say at least 10 cars were vandalized. the teen is now in custody. no let's >> to ocean city. a young boy is recovering after a close call. it happened on the beach near 37th street. the ocean city beach patrol says the boy was digging a pair of holes in the sand when he and some other kids tried to connect the two holes underground. that is when the sand collapsed. nearly suffocating the child.
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lifeguards responded quickly to dig him out. he was reportedly unconscious with no pulse but by the time he got to the ambulance he was awake and complaining about sand in his eyes. a woman accused of killing her four daughters and living with their bodies for seven months told police that the girls were possessed by demons. banita jacks trial for the murders was spoatd to start this week but the judge had to review tapes of her interview to see if it could be used in court. she will have a trial without a jury. despite her lawyer's request she refused to use an insanity plea. the bodies of the four girls were discovered in january of last year when she was being evicted from her southeast washington, dc home. two members of the religious cult have been told by a baltimore judge they have to represent themselves at their upcoming trial for the starvation death of a toddler. queen antoine yet and trevia williams, members of a now defunct religious group accused
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of denying food to a 1-year-old after the boy refused to say amen after meals. the alumni association from towson catholic high school has announced a lawsuit intended to keep the school open this fall. last week the archdiocese says the school would be shut down as of this fall. while protesters gathered outside the school last night. while inside, dplin strairs from 15 other -- administrators from 15 other schools met with students and parents and making offers. a baltimore county circuit judge was asked to intervene to keep the school open this year. the association also filed lawsuits against the church, leaders, they say, are responsible for shutting it down. >> they've never spoken publicly about how this was executed and i don't know what else we could have done to bring them to the table. >> archdiocese officials told students and parents at last night's meeting they would are v to -- about 105 students
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needed to register -- 205 students needed to register. so far they only got 163. we'll hear more later from the archdiocese. attorneys for dozens of baltimore county families who were awarded $150 million in a lawsuit against exxon say the oil giant is going back to court this morning. to fight the verdict. this past march a baltimore county jury found exxonmobil liable for damages caused when more than 26,000 gallons of gas seeped into groundwater from the leaking pipe at the site of a former exxon station in jacksonville but now lawyers for the residents affected say exxon wants to throw out or significantly reduce the amount of damages awarded. the post trial motions hearing is set to begin at 9:00 this morning in the county circuit court in towson. 6:06. supreme court nominee sonia sotomayor returns for a full day of questioning before the senate judiciary committee. yesterday the judge became a
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witness for the defense, her own. in hours of questioning sotomayor rejected republican senators' assertions that her feelings or bias would influence how she decides cases. >> do you believe that your background will effect a result in cases? >> my record shows that at no point or time have i ever emitted my personal views or sympathies to influence an outcome of a case. >> this very reserved and very factcal and very considered nominee is -- is being characterized as being an activist when she is anything but. >> the judge also wanted to set the record straight especially concerning remarks she says critics have taken out of context on some issues such as abortion. sotomayor stressed precedent on others including gun rights and has spoken in more general terms. 6:07. the national transportation
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safety board still trying to figure out what caused a huge hole to open up in the body of a southwest airlines jet bound for baltimore forcing an emergency landing. it happened monday night on the flight from nashville to bwi marshall airport. passengers described hearing a pop and then seeing part of the cabin ceiling being sucked to the top of the plane. people in the back could actually see outside through the football-sized hole. the southwest flight made an emergency landing in west virginia. no one was hurt. passengers took another jet to baltimore. southwest inspected its entire fleet of 737s and found no other problems. here's an incredible scene caught on tape. check out amazing video from germany. a small plane plunges into the sky, crashing into a car carrying a family of three. perhaps most amazing, everybody's ok. this entire clip is very popular on our web site. so if you want to see the whole thing head to a
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paraglider gets stuck in a tree 50 feet above the ground. you can see the bright hangar and all the green. this is in washington. the guy there, see him in the blue? he had a cell phone and was able to call for help. he was actually taken to the hospital and expected to be just fine. catonsville's own frank coleric was honored before the all-star game last night for his work with disabled kids. then the president came out and threw out the first pitch. and he pitched like -- look at this. nice -- wait. all right, now, the 80th all-star game in st. louis was played quicker than a charles lindbergh airplane ride, two hours, 31 minutes. came down to the catch from carl crawford in the seventh, then the sack fly off the bat of orioles' adam jones. the american league wins 4-3. it will be interesting to read adam jones on facebook today. he's been writing all his thoughts about being out there, looking at the stars, shaking
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the president's hand. we'll read that today. >> you friends on facebook? >> no, not yet. you? >> no. >> you're friends with everybody. >> hardly. it's hard to imagine. a local woman who says she didn't know she was pregnant. >> hard to believe. she said until only minutes before she gave birth. this story was aired on national tv. and speaking of getting a shock -- a bank overdraft is one thing but wait until you hear this story. >> a lot of numbers there. are you addicted to facebook? >> there you go. >> ghup, warning signs to find out if you're a facebook junky. weather junkies, listen up. 6:10. 69 degrees downtown baltimore. 59 at the airport. two degrees away from tying a record low for the date. we'll see if we can do it. coming up. let's see what's happening on the roads with kim. >> traffic flowing freely at this hour. looking at the bw parkway, southbound lanes, no problems to report at this time. we'll be right back.
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6:13. more breaking news from overseas. a tsunami warning has just been issued by the u.s. geological
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survey after a major earthquake off new zealand. the quake measured 7.8 and hit just off the southwestern coast of new zealand. we are still getting more information on this breaking news and we'll keep updating this story throughout the morning. but again, a big earthquake this morning off the coast of new zealand. back locally now -- jarrettsville woman has a story that will have you shaking your head. a story so amazing it's on national tv. >> tina chris found out she was pregnant about 10 minutes before she gave birth. >> and i just got this god awful pain in my side. i never felt pain like that before. >> reporter: tina will never forget april 8, 1998. she thought her appendix was about to burst. >> they said you're about to deliver. i said deliver what? you better check again. >> reporter: tina's amazing story aired last night on discovery health "i didn't know i was pregnant." the re-enactment of the show took us back 11 years ago to
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when she was 21, already the mother of a 2-year-old and in for the shock of her life. >> in the emergency room they asked, are you pregnant? i'm like no. they are like, are you sure? i'm like, yeah i'm sure. i'm on birth control pills. >> reporter: experts believe she conceived in between her switch from the shots to the pill. she lived her life not knowing a baby was on the way. >> everything books tell you not to do when pregnant i did, plus more. so, it was like -- is she healthy? is she going to be normal? >> reporter: this is autumn brook, a happy, healthy 11-year-old heading into the sixth grade. >> my angel. that's all i can say. she's meant to be here. >> reporter: autumn was full-term but tina never gained weight or missed a men -- menstrual cycle. she took a pregnancy test but only because a girlfriend claimed her face was getting chubby. >> pregnancy tests can be false if taken too early.
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>> i asked the doctors where was she? >> she weighed 7 pounds, 11.5 ounces. where was she? she had to be under my ribs towards my back. >> reporter: with no prenatal care, tina just happy her daughter was born healthy with no complications under these unusual circumstances. >> it's possible. i'm living proof of it. my daughter is living proof of it. >> tonight, primetime asks, could the mr. right you meet on-line actually be a serial date rapist. you'll see and hear the chilling story of jeffrey marsalis. cops and prosecutors say he may have been the worst date rapist in the nation's history and he used to carry out his violent deception. tonight, an exclusive interview with marsalis himself, 10:00, on abc2. 6:16. weather and traffic together. we are looking right now at 59 degrees. that is the official
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temperature from the top of the hour at bwi marshall. yesterday we actually dropped two degrees in between 6:00 and 7:00 to tie our record low so it's possible that we could get to the record low this morning as well. 49 up towards york, pennsylvania, compared to the 61 in hagerstown. we've also got mild temperatures in through southern portions of maryland out towards the beaches but yeah, widespread this morning. 49 pennsylvania. we've got 59 officially at the airport. temperatures range into the mid and upper 60s right around downtown and by the bay. here's the reason why we were so close and not really confirmed yet about reaching our record low -- band of clouds coming out of some really strong storms in the upper midwest. that actually moved through overnight. just on the edge of the region and that has pretty much halted the thermometer from dropping at least during the overnight. the clouds broke up. that is why we'll see sun this morning and that's why we have the shot of getting the record even though we had thought it would pretty much be a certified thing. we're looking at basically clouding conditions late in the
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day. some thunderstorms back into the mountains and those may come through after midnight in towards daybreak tomorrow and for the morning commute, showers, even thunderstorms erupting into the afternoon as well. here's the general set yp for today -- a chilly start, our two-degree guarantee this afternoon back to 87 degrees, mostly sunny. tonight, does appear as if we'll have is the chance of thunderstorms after midnight in towards daybreak. back between 65 and 70. during the day tomorrow we'll make it to a very humid 89. there will be scattered showers and thunderstorms. we'll check out the extended forecast in a couple of minutes but remember, you can go on-line at click on the weather page. you can check out more about the local conditions, check out our interactive doppler radar in the middle of the screen and you can actually use that tab right there, that box at the top will make it full screen. 6:18. let's go full screen with kim and a check of the roads. >> thank you. keep in mind, we have a lot of activity going on downtown, artscape is happening and we have road closures, mount royal closed between charles and north avenue. also cathedral will be closed
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between preston and mount royal. the croatia closures in effect until sunday. east fairmount avenue and north linwood, a crash. also expect between lombard street between president and mlk to have rolling lane closures because of a new remember -- project that started this morning. back to you. 6:19. here's the brightest guy in business, dale horn, or certified financial planner. good question from andrea in glen burnie. "my husband and i sold our roth iras in march because we were losing money. my son in college, bills tight, we're nervous. my broker said we would pay penalties and taxes on the roth. is that right? " >> first, my condolences in selling out in march. we'll save that for another time. enough said about that. i think she understands. two things i want you to think about. number one is five years and
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number two, qualified education expenses. because there are certain parameters with the roth ira and the roth ira again is an ira where you don't have the tax benefits up front, gross tax deferred and then the tax, basically withdrawals are tax-free when in retirement. but one provision with the roth, if the money, if your contributions, what you put into it, are within that buckets for five years, you can pull those -- back out of the roth with no taxes. what the account has earned, if there's been interest or market growth, you will pay taxes and penalties on that if you're pulling it out if your contribution had been in there for five years and that's all you're pulling out, in that case say her roth didn't make money and you pull it out you're fine. number two, you mentioned the son going to college. roth ira contributions can also be used for qualified education expenses even if it's less than five years.
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so, if she can utilize that money in that tax year for college expenses then again she's going to miss -- she's not going to have the tax penalty and not going to have the irs penalty. you may not be subject to the 10% 10 irs penalty for withdrawals and taxes if it's within in the five years, you may be all right. dale horn, every wednesday. if you have a question go to click on the gmm tab. thank you. 6:21. certainly you've heard of sticker shock before. this is the story of statement shock. as in my bank statement says i'm overdrawn. just a few quarter trillion. we'll have that story coming up. before we head to break we look at the latest business news right now. >> reporter: good morning.
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here's your "moneyscope report." encouraging news for the slumping computer industry. chip maker intel reported much stronger than expected sales for the second quarter and indicated there's more good news ahead. intel's results are closely watched because they reflect the health of technology spending as a whole. shares are set to rise this morning. wall street powerhouse goldman sachs appears to have left the financial crisis. the company earned nearly $3.5 billion last quarter, almost double what some analysts predicted and that means big bonuses for workers. goldman set aside more than $11 billion for compensation so far this year. boeing is feeling the pinching of cutbacks at the pentagon. the company said it would have to cut about 1,000 jobs at its defense systems division. in january the company said it would eliminate 10,000 jobs this year through attrition and layoffs. general motors topping executive warning of another weak sales month. ceo fritz henderson says july sales are weak compared to the same month last year.
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but henderson says he's optimistic about a recover in the send half of the year because most of the government's economic stimulus hasn't kicked in yet. the gm former ceo walking away with a pretty sweet pay package. rick wagoner retiring with pension and benefits valued at more than $10 million. he was forced out by the obama administration at the end of march after 32 years. it's a good time to book a flight. airlines are in something of a fare war. southwest is offering trips for as low as $49 on some flights from august through november. airtran will go as low as $39. many other major carriers are matching many of these fares. coming up on "good morning america," how to make your flea market finds into treasures. after your local news. that is your "moneyscope report." i'm jeremy hubbard.
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6:26. mostly clear. we have a chilly morning. we keep talking about this baltimore record that is actually at the airport. what about the rest of us? north and west where it's been clear longer we actually drop back to 53 degrees in towson at the ryderwood elementary school, yet downtown holding at 69. that's a 16-degree temperature spread. if you're by the bay or by downtown it's milder than it is north and east of baltimore. we've had more cloud cover on the west side. the temperatures hovering around the upper 50s to near 60. we'll keep checking out what is happening at the diswrairpt to see if we -- airport at the see if we tie the record low of 57. 87 is our two-degree guarantee. nor shot of -- another shot
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of storms on saturday. how about the roads? ? 95 past the whitemarsh boulevard area to the split, no delays but traffic is getting heavy. a couple of road closures downtown for a variety of reasons. all -- artscape is one. mount royal and charles street, and also cathedral street closed between preston and mount royal. expect heavy delays on lombard between president and ml this is going to be 695 at the beltway. and liberty road on the west side. traffic is moving smoothly in both directions. back to you. [no audio] >> you think it could have been one of these things? >> it could have been someone angry - >> within 24 hours of discovering a problem the bank statement he was shocked to see, that his overdraft amount rivalled that of the national debt brace yourself. it was 23 quadrillion doctors
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and josh said he bought a pack of cigarettes at a mobil station and charged bank of america an overdraft fee so there's no way that owed that money. the flip side. a woman whose bank tried to give her too much money. you won't believe how it happened. >> it's a lot of money. in the negative. something i could never ever afford to pay back. my children, grandchildren, nothing like that. >> there you go. check your bank statement today. that's the bottom line. we'll be right back.
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